Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

Through most of 2008, Fuse Communications was engaged (in partnership with a marketing communications group) to participate in an audit of communication products, services and tools as part of an initiative to build a new Web-based portal. This portal would be built specifically to reach internationally-trained occupational therapists with a one-stop source of all the information they need to make a career in Canada.

To learn what kind of information is important to foreign-trained occupational therapists, we conducted a full audit of the CAOT website (where limited information was available), CAOT literature, and the websites of provincial regulators and associations. We also conducted extensive interviews with foreign-trained occupational therapists, CAOT executives, CAOT board members, executives in regulatory agencies and provincial associations, and educators.

The findings were used in two ways: to write the content of the portal; and, to develop a comprehensive communications plan to reach desired audiences to build traffic to the new portal. The latter was a long-term plan now being implemented by CAOT.

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