Public Health Agency of Canada

In April 2009 when the global H1N1 flu pandemic struck, Fuse Communications was hired to provide on-site crisis media relations support to the Public Health Agency of Canada. This support extended through the end of the second wave of the illness, which wound down in early 2010.

In this role, Fuse:

  • quickly established relationships with key national and regional media;
  • developed tailored media lists so interested reporters would receive information quickly and efficiently;
  • wrote news advisories, news releases and other media products;
  • organized news conferences and other media events to support announcements by the Minister of Health and the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada;
  • provided daily assessments of media coverage and chaired a meeting with Agency and Minister’s Office staff; and,
  • wrote numerous media relations plans.

In addition, after the end of the flu pandemic, Fuse was asked to develop a comprehensive media relations strategy in preparation for a food safety crisis and for a future pandemic.

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